Lichtenhainer Growler

Lichtenhainer Growler

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Include 1 new growler and 2 liters Ich Bin Ein Lichtenhainer

Ich Bin Ein Lichtenhainer

Lichtenhainer (Smokey Sour)

Recreation of an ancient beer style that until recently was all but forgotten, “Ich Bin Ein Lichtenhainer” is savory yet refreshing. It starts off with a nose of charred beechwood with a backdrop of lactic tartness. This interplay between smoke and acidity continues on the palate and ultimately finishes dry. Despite big, complex flavors its surprisingly sessionable. It takes a few sips to get to know the unique personality of this beer, then it becomes moreish and the next day its flavors haunt. It is a great food beer with acidity acting as a counter-balance to fat and sweetness while the smoke stands up to robust flavors and takes it up a notch. Pair it with pork belly, grilled meat, apple pie, maple donuts or over-ripe washed rind cheese.

ABV: 4.7%
Bitterness: 19 IBUS

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