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Holiday Gift Ideas!

Holiday Gift Giving!

This year's holiday season is right around the corner and if you're already looking for gift ideas for your friends and family, Young Master's got you covered!

This year, come pick from our array of new imports and gift sets found on our online store and at selected locations!



This year, Young Master is releasing a brand new "Naughty or Nice" 4-pack gift set for all those who've been good (or bad) all year! Find our Nice Pale Ale and our brand new Naughty Chocolate Vanilla Stout all in one easy take-home pack! With special holiday-themed packaging, this is the perfect present for any craft beer geek or for anyone looking for a delicious way to pass the holidays! $128/set, Special Discount: $ 600/6 sets. 

少爺最新出嘅《Naughty or Nice》限量版四罐裝禮盒現已有售啦!每個禮盒都有兩罐少爺嘅Nice淡愛爾及兩罐Naughty朱古力雲呢拿黑啤,有咗呢個禮盒裝,仲唔輕鬆渡過呢個留在家中嘅假期?定價為 $128, 優惠價更只需$600/6盒,無論你今年有幾乖定幾曳都好,依家可以喺我哋嘅網上商店買番一盒俾自己飲或用嚟送禮都得!

Available on Young Master's online store or at selected stores.

《Naughty or Nice》限量版禮盒於網上商店或各大超級市場有售啦!



Young Master Drinks...

Young Master Drinks is Young Master's newest imported beer distribution subsidiary which aims to bring in some of the most interesting craft beers to HK and highlight some of our brewery friends from all around the world. 
為咗帶更多來自世界各地嘅頂級精釀嚟到香港,少爺網店已經開設咗全新YM DRINKS版面,我地將會引入更多我地團隊精選嘅廠牌由世界各地帶返黎香港,想安坐家中飲正嘢嘅你立刻去搶購啦!

On an island not so far from us, Taiwan's Taihu Brewery is known for constantly 'thinking-outside-the-box' when it comes to beer. From brightly colored beers to brews inspired by local ingredients, Taihu shines in its ability to create beers that stun not just the eyes, but the palate as well.  


Our Holiday Picks (Sold in sets of 4) :




Located in Stavanger, Norway, Lervig is one of Norway's most renown craft breweries. From classic IPAs to barrel-aged stouts and barley wines, Lervig never fails to be an innovative superpower in both flavor creation and beer styles.

嚟自挪威嘅Lervig係北歐地區最優秀嘅啤酒廠之一,由嚟自美國嘅釀酒師Mike Murphy主理 。Lervig一路以來都以創新以及多元化嘅酒款為人熟悉。

Our Holiday Picks (Sold in sets of 4) :
Can't pick? Check out the other available sets here or simply get a 12-packed mixed case instead!
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