About us

Our Story

Young Master Brewery opened its doors in December 2013 and kick-started the craft-brewing movement in Hong Kong. Right from inception, our mission has been to make truly distinctive beers with world-class quality standards with no pandering to lowest common denominator flavor profiles.

We are Hong Kong’s largest, highest rated, and most awarded craft brewery producing a wide range of exciting craft beers. Our beer list has always featured both classic styles like a well-balanced pale ale, avant-garde beers like a foeder aged mixed culture forest berry sour ale, ones that draw inspiration from flavors of Hong Kong, like a tart and saline Cha Chaan Teng Gose brewed with local salted lime and others that are especially designed for the seasons. We make a core range of beers all year round and a constantly changing set of limited release beers. We also frequently collaborate with like-minded institutions and our peers both in Hong Kong and globally to develop one-off or long-term beer projects. 

Since Young Master began operations, we have earned the support of the most discerning clients in Hong Kong including iconic hotels like Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons; prestigious private clubs; craft beer specialist bars and some of the trendiest restaurants and bars in town. Our bottled beers are on sale at specialist stores and upscale supermarkets that carefully curate their lists. 

Browse through excerpts of our journey in the slideshow below:

Our Breweries

We operate two breweries in Hong Kong, both located in industrial units in the south-side of HK Island. Our first brewery was commissioned in November 2013, in the Ap Lei Chau neighborhood and we soon outgrew it. Our second brewery came online in August 2016 in Wong Chuk Hang. Our production capacity grew ten-fold making it among the largest craft brewing operations in Asia. We also added a bottling line, an expanded barrel ageing program and a foeder, the first of its kind for a brewery in Asia. After the commissioning of our new brewery, we turned our original brewery into an experimental facility to brew our small-batch limited release beers.

Wong Chuk Hang Brewery (Commissioned August 2016)

We built a state-of-the-art 40HL brewery in 2016 featuring a fully-automated CraftStar Brewhouse from GEA in Germany. The new brewery also features an expanded barrel-ageing area, a sour beer / mixed-fermentation program complete with a foeder which is the first of its kind for a brewery in Asia, a bottling line and an event / retail space.

WCH Brewhouse

Ap Lei Chau Brewery (Commissioned November 2013)

It all began in Ap Lei Chau with a straight-forward 10HL brew-length setup where we made all our beers until mid-2016. The brewery remains in operation and we make our limited, smaller batch releases there.

Ap Lei Chau Brewery

Our Brewing Philosophy

Our beers are brewed fresh with the highest quality ingredients we can find. We will constantly innovate and bring new styles to showcase the diversity in beer. In doing that, we will push the envelope and possibly even make you rethink your perceptions of beer. We insist on preserving everything that’s good and natural about freshly brewed beer. To this end, we do not filter, pasteurize, or add artificial stabilizers or chemicals to our products simply to extend their shelf-life. We also use naturally produced carbon dioxide during fermentation and do not artificially carbonate. 

Who is Young Master

Inspiration for our name, “Young Master” comes from Hong Kong’s past. When we first heard the coming of age tale of a “工廠少爺” or a playful “young master” of a factory, set in old Hong Kong, we felt an instant connection. We love that the name embodies both a playful spirit and a strong work ethic. We are located in Ap Lei Chau and Wong Chuk Hang, amidst many other creative endeavors of the South Island Cultural District in our vicinity. We see our brewery in this setting evoking memories of Hong Kong’s industrial past in a more creative form, albeit on a smaller scale.