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Young Master x Jack 'n Jill 🔥「麻麻地」青花椒味薯片啤酒

Jack 'n Jill Went Up The Hill...
...To fetch a can of Young Master's newest Jack & Jill Collaboration "Ma Ma Dei" lager! What else?

Celebrated local craft brewer Young Master is partnering with beloved potato chips brand Jack ‘n Jill to launch a fresh take on the pairing of beer and potato chips. Having a long-standing history of bringing happiness with its extensive line of moreish potato chips and snacks, Young Master is proud to further its tradition of creative collaborations with iconic local brand, Jack n’ Jill. Through this collaboration, Young Master aims to combine the magic of childhood nostalgia with flavors & techniques of the modern craft beer movement.



Made with freshly ground peppercorns, this modern, unfiltered lager shines bright with citrus and herbal notes and leaves drinkers with the familiar ma-la numbing tingle! 

Jack & Jill has also taken the liberty to create a brand new Spicy Sichuan Peppercorn potato chip flavor to pair with the "Ma Ma Dei" lager! Earthy, spicy, and full of umami, these chips are bound to be the drinking snack of choice this summer.

「麻麻地」青花椒啤是款清爽的拉格啤酒,添上川菜常用 新鮮青花椒的麻勁,以及鮮明柑橘─及草本風味讓此款拉格啤酒增添不少獨特色彩,「麻麻地」好飲,「麻麻地」上癮;同時推出之期間限定版青花椒味薯片,聞起來帶撲鼻而來的微辣花椒香、以及陣陣獨特檸檬花香;口感帶點點麻辣刺激後勁,點到即止。充滿清新脫俗、新鮮刺激的感覺!

Come find this delicious combo for HK$25.90 at select Circle K's around Hong Kong! Alternatively, the beer and potato chips will be sold individually at HK$21.90 and HK$9.50 respectively.


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