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Ask the Young Masters (Part 1)

At Young Master, we’ve grown from a team of 2 in 2013 to over 20 passionate people today. We are proud to work as a team and collectively help set and elevate the standards of craft beer in Asia. Get to know our team and celebrate our 5th anniversary with us.


Q: How did you become a brewer?

A: I kind of fell into it - it was actually my first regular job and everyone in the brewpub was betting that I would quit in weeks. Surprisingly that didn't happen, and I moved along and onwards into different challenges - with making quality beer high on the priorities.


In brewing, you can kind of be anything you want to be. Mechanic, chef, chemical analyst, data analyst, applied microbiologist, bottle loading athlete - the list has no real limitations.
I suppose it's a story of tenacity. 6 years on, and I'm still on it.


Q: What’s the style most fun to brew?
A: Depends on what fun means! I find creating a Red IPA pretty interesting now(cravings?), nailing a distinctive hop that syncs well with caramel malts that should not take center stage.
睇下你點定義“好玩”啦,最近我覺得整Red IPA都幾有趣佢有種好獨特既啤酒花香,同d焦糖麥芽夾得嚟又唔會太搶口。

Q: What is one thing about the brewing industry that beer drinkers may not know?
A: Perhaps it can be hard for them to understand that not every brand or supplier that sell similar products are hostile competitiors. Contrary, most of us believe that we should cooperate to offer an alternative to the world of industrialized beer. I like to think we have a broader perspective - for example, bars and restaurants choose to rotate their offerings to give customers variety, beyond price and relationship reasons.



Q: How did you become a Young Master?


A: In the early days and the first few brewery tours in Ap Lei Chau, I met Young Master and fell in love with everything about it, I became one of the first few clients of YM, offering my hotel guest something of quality and to strive to promote local craft beer in Hong Kong. When I heard of the expansion of Young Master's second brewery and growing team team it was evident that I needed to put on a pair of red pants, a beer in hand and be a Young Master myself.

成件事其實好有緣好耐好耐以前(少爺開咗一兩個月個陣)我去開鴨脷洲,咁arm見到有新啤酒廠開張仲有搞啤酒導賞團,即興帶埋老婆同隻狗上去參觀,上到去嘅刻已經迷上咗少爺......後來觸發起我決心向酒店客人(當時Kingson於酒店工作)推廣本地精釀啤酒,而我負責嘅酒店則成為最早有得賣少爺啤嘅客戶之一!當Rohit 話我知少爺2年幾前要擴充開新廠同請人,我就知道我準備好成為大少,著返條紅褲仔,飲番杯少爺啤!

Q: What’s the most fun thing to work at a brewery?


A:  Apart from unlimited access to beer? is amazing how much there is to the beer making process, beer styles and the importance of the upkeep of beer. There is so much to learn and so much knowledge to spread to people of Hong Kong and around the world.. oh yes.. and unlimited access to beer.




Q: How did you become a brewer?
A: I'm obsessed with beer making process and I wish one day everyone would drink a beer designed and brewed by me.


Q: How to prepare for beer exams?
     有咩啤酒考試心得可以一take pass Certified Cicerone exam 同埋BJCP?
A: Be curious about beer. Drink more especially those classic beer styles. Learn from the history and culture of beer.




Q: How did you become a Young Master?


A: I was presented to an opportunity to become part of the development of Young Master's expansion.  I'm someone who get bored easily on daily routine; this opportunity provides me challenges and a great learning experience to enter China business.  Meanwhile, I've always been passionate on food and beverage; I had worked as a bartender, passed WSET 2 in wine and been certified as a whisky ambassador, Young Master has given me a key to a whole new scene.

我好開心可以有機會見證少爺擴充發展得越來越好。我個人好怕悶,但係少爺進軍內地令我學咗好多嘢,面對好多新挑戰。一直以來,我對於F&B工作充滿熱情,本身我做過Bartender, 考過紅酒同威士忌考試.....但係少爺比咗一個好特別嘅機會帶領我接觸啤酒呢個新方向。


Q: The differences between whisky people and beer people ?


A: For me, drinking whisky is intimacy, I like to share a good whisky with loved ones, close friends & family; beer is vibrant and lively, you don't really have to be related in live, but beer will bring you together.




Q: How did you become a young master?

A: After graduated from college, I started working at The Globe and learnt a lot from those who obsessed with beer. At that time, I was planning to go to Australia for the working holiday...probably to get a job at a craft brewery there...but later I met Rohit and he's looking for an intern...that's another story...

個時畢業之後hea咗半年,之後去咗The Globe做嘢,打算過去澳洲搵酒廠做吓working holiday, 想學識釀酒,點知遇上Rohit仲去埋少爺做intern。


Q: If Young Master is not a brewery....


A: Saucery...making soy sauce or chili sauce.



Q:What kind of product would Young Master Saucery make?


A: Funky chili sauce with fermented tofu


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