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Pouring Young Master Unfiltered Pilsner



Since opening our doors in 2013, Young Master Brewery has taken immense pride in pushing the boundaries of beer craftsmanship to create a world-class yet locally rooted craft beer culture in Asia. Among our flagship brews is the Unfiltered Pilsner – an unfiltered lager that challenges the mass-produced conventions of this style and redefines the meaning of your go-to pint.


Brewer checking the quality of Young Master Unfiltered Pilsner

To deliver standardized products that are stable despite arduous overseas journey and unpredictable storage conditions, mass-produced beers undergo convoluted layers of filtration and pasteurization. Filtration removes proteins, yeasts and other particles from the liquid, stripping away certain flavors and complex mouthfeel of your beer. Pasteurization involves temporarily cooking the beer to high temperatures to kill off biological instability in the beer, adversely impacting the taste and vibrancy. Taken together, these processes sadly end up gutting the natural aroma and true flavor of those beers.


A can of Young Master Unfiltered Pilsner next to a glass

Unwavering in our pursuit of the perfect lager style beer, Young Master Brewery uses highest quality ingredients with 100% Pilsner malt and the finest hops, combined with disciplined brewing techniques, to concoct this beer. Unapologetically unfiltered and unpasteurized, our Unfiltered Pilsner entirely preserves yeasts, proteins and other compounds that contribute to its lively aromas, delightful flavors and overall complexity. By staying true to our craft and keeping this beer unfiltered, we strive to create an elevated beer culture to you!


A close up of Young Master Unfiltered Pilsner

Unfiltered Pilsner, brewed locally and always fresh, invites you on a multisensory adventure. The beer pours an enchanting golden straw with its characteristic unfiltered haze, treating you to a refreshingly crisp finish. An authentic expression both of our Hong Kong hometown culture and a return to resolute focus on quality long lost in industrial beer, our premium Unfiltered Pilsner is your new staple.

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