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Be Water My Friend

DDH Brut Imperial Lager

ABV: 8.0% IBU: 30

“Be formless, shapeless. Like water.” We are wrapping up 2018 with a colossal beer that seamlessly transcends rigid style barriers in one fluid motion. Brewed in collaboration with one of world’s best brewers, Cloudwater, it is an imperial lager that employs brut-style brewing techniques and combines it with double intensity cold-side hopping (>40 g/L) with the highest quality hops we can find. With a measured finishing gravity of 0 plato and 100% apparent attenuation, using Bavarian lager yeast fermented cold, this beer is as dry and clean as it gets and has near zero residual sugar. Massive dry-hopping with a heady combination of Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Loral lupulin delivers a powerful tropical nose and a lush juicy mid-palate before a crisp and satisfying dry finish takes over and prepares you for the next sip. At 8%, it is sure to deliver a powerful kick that is as hoppy as it is stealthy. Drink it and be water, my friend.

香港少爺啤酒廠與英國Cloudwater Brew Co.合作新品 - 行雲流水 Be Water My Friend 引用了李小龍先生於1971年一次訪問中所說的名句為名。水無形,在所有環境下亦能自得,喻意和老子道德經第八章《上善若水》相若。這回新作把Brut Style精釀技術,Double Dry Hopping和Bavarian Larger Yeast 所帶出的發酵效果像水一樣無形地溶為一體,釀成出色的DDH Brut Imperial Lager。

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Ratebeer Best 2019 - Best Beer in Hong Kong

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