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Fox's Trot

Wild Ale with Pink Peppercorn & Lemon

ABV: 7.0%

An exploration of a menagerie of botanical scents, our latest Days of Being Wild series release is an ode to the most primeval of our senses. As if animating a fox in the wild into a choreographed trot, olfaction animates muscles, incites emotions and imprints memories.

This spiced wild ale has boozy, floral and brutish top notes from pink peppercorns and a bracingly fresh whiff from lemon peel. Underneath these vibrant notes are baser elements coming from a feral collusion between wood and yeast, proving the notion that fair needs foul. Felled trees, earthy leather, sour butter and dank musk - all daring us to smell life, like it truly is.

Fox's Trot是Days of Being Wild混合發酵酸啤系列的最新一員。猶如置身野外的棕色狐狸漫無目的地搜索及躍動,以牠靈敏的感官展開對大自然的探索之旅。這款啤酒前調帶有來自粉紅胡椒和新鮮檸檬皮的醉人風味,蘊藏著橡木和酵母之間細膩平衡的獨特氣息。剛砍下的樹木、泥土般的皮革、酸奶油和濕潤的麝香—感受這些生命的味道,靜享獨酌帶來的喜悅吧。

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