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Pale Ale infused with CBG: 60mg/L

ABV: 5.0% IBU: 35

Our latest addition to HEA series is a refreshing pale ale, infused with the “Mother Cannabinoid”, CBG at 60mg/L, the perfect beer to sip on a HEA summer day.

As the precursor to THC and CBD, CBG is a rare minor cannabinoid that is found in very low concentrations within the hemp plant. Like CBD, CBG works within the endocannabinoid system and has a range of anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing benefits.  CBG can also be used to provide a fresh experience for experienced CBD users that can provide the opportunity to reset CBD tolerances levels as well as a provide new sensation.

HEA 啤酒系列迎來全新一員:CBG淡愛爾啤酒!每公升啤酒加入60mg高純度孕育大麻素之母CBG,達至極佳放鬆減壓效果!CBG比起其他大麻化合物更難取得、更為珍貴。與CBD一樣,CBG對身心靈有多種正面作用,而且更能為長期CBD用家帶來另一層次的完美體驗。

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