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High Tea in Hong Kong

Milk Tea Scotch Ale

ABV: 13% IBU: 30

SYMBIosis Project is a cross-continental collaborative beer trilogy among Siren, Young Master and Black Isle Brewery. All three distinctive beers, brewed at each of the collaborators' facilities, incorporate a tea element. The Asian segment, called "High Tea in Hong Kong" is an indulgent Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Scotch Ale featuring fragrant Ceylon Black Tea and milk sugar. An ode to the Cha Chaan Teng Favorite "Nai Cha" or milk tea, it is rich and creamy with a satisfying sweetness. Long ageing in bourbon barrels lend a long and complex finish with lingering notes of vanilla, coconut and dark honey.

咩係SYMBlosis Project? Siren, Black Isle同埋少爺啤酒廠係今年年頭開始咗一個令人振奮嘅計劃,三款超正嘅啤酒,誕生於三個位於不同地方嘅酒廠,唯獨是同樣加入茶呢個元素!而我地為咗港式奶茶致敬,炮製咗呢款“High Tea in Hong Kong”, 加入香氣四射嘅錫蘭紅茶以及乳糖,陳釀於波本威士忌酒桶之中,口感濃厚,加上帶雲呢拿及椰子的香甜滋味。

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