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Hop Around The World 花天酒地系列
Australia 澳洲

Hazy IPA

ABV: 6.0% IBU: 39

Our third release of our Hop Around the World series takes us Down Under to the luscious farms in Southern Tasmania and Northeast Victoria. Flaunting the dazzling fruitiness of the Australian hops, this hazy IPA exquisitely fuses lively mandarin peel and fresh pine of Eclipse, elegant white grape, red fruits and cantaloupe of Enigma, and exotic lychee and tropical fruits of Topaz.

花天酒地系列003帶大家前往澳洲塔斯馬尼亞南部和維多利亞州東北部,品嚐這款完美展現澳洲啤酒花特色的渾濁 IPA。這款啤酒巧妙地融合了Eclipse啤酒花的柑橘與松樹香、Enigma啤酒花的優雅白提子、紅肉水果及哈密瓜風味、Topaz啤酒花的荔枝和熱帶水果風味,餘韻悠長,讓人回味無窮。

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