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Who is Young Master

Young Master 少爺

Inspiration for our name, “Young Master” comes from Hong Kong’s past. When we first heard the coming of age tale of a “工廠少爺” or a playful “young master” of a factory, set in old Hong Kong, we felt an instant connection. We love that the name embodies both a playful spirit and a strong work ethic. We are located in Ap Lei Chau and Wong Chuk Hang, amidst many other creative endeavors of the South Island Cultural District in our vicinity. We see our brewery in this setting evoking memories of Hong Kong’s industrial past in a more creative form, albeit on a smaller scale.

「少爺啤」的名字,靈感來自一套60年代的粵語長片《工廠少爺》。電影背景是製造工業蓬勃、Made in Hong Kong 時代的老香港,主角是一間工廠的太子爺,在電影中由一個貪玩的少年,經歷了很多很多以後處事慢慢變得成熟和認真。這個故事跟釀酒一樣:something fun and serious,認真嚴謹的釀造過程中,同時需要充滿創意及玩味十足的頭腦。少爺啤特意設廠於60年代的工業中心-黃竹坑及鴨脷洲,希望可以秉承胼手胝足、白手興家的老香港精神,讓「香港製造」推廣至全亞洲,甚至全世界。

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