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甄沾記 Yan Chim Kee

椰汁班蘭啤 Coconut Pandan Pale Ale

ABV: 5.0% IBU: 35

Establishing our roots in Hong Kong’s Food Production district of the 60’s, Wong Chuk Hang, Young Master started off as a grassroots company before quickly transforming into the biggest local craft group in the city. Founded in 1915, Yan Chim Kee has been a household name for coconut confections for over a century. Having also operated within the heart of Wong Chuk Hang since its establishment, the collaboration between Young Master and Yan Chim Kee is one that has been brewed with a heavy dose of both nostalgia and tradition.

Designed with an auspicious red label, Yan Chim Kee’s Pandan Pale Ale aims to showcase the natural flora of the tropics, using notes of sweet coconut and creamy pandan in one fruity pale ale.

甄沾記成立於1915年,為香港家傳互曉嘅知名椰子品牌,齒頰留香嘅椰子糖及椰子雪糕可謂香港人嘅共同回憶。甄沾記上世紀為第一批廠家於黃竹坑設廠,而少爺設廠之初,特意選址呢個60年代本地食物製造廠嘅腹地-黃竹坑。 呢兩個好似大纜都扯唔埋嘅香港品牌牽絆於黃竹坑,透過精釀嘅創意秉承胼手胝足、白手興家嘅老香港精神。


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