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Signing up to YM FAM

How do I sign up to YM FAM?

1. Head to
2. Enter your email address
3. Follow the simple steps to finish registration.

Once registration is completed, you can start earning YM Dollars and enjoy membership exclusive rewards!

Why should I join YM FAM?

Because you can visit your favourite YM Bars & Restaurants and enjoy the many benefits we offer:

  • Earn and redeem YM Dollars
  • Enjoy discounts as you upgrade your tier
  • Use your YM Dollars as cash
  • Limited rewards exclusive to YM FAM members

YM FAM Account

How do I check how many YM Dollars I have?

You can check your YM Dollars in your PROFILE (User icon on the bottom left corner). You can also find your most recent activities on the NOTIFICATION page (Newspaper icon on the bottom right corner).(

Why don't I receive any emails from YM FAM?

It’s possible our emails are sent to the junk folder. Be sure to check!

Can I add YM FAM to my phone?

Go to your profile on the YM FAM app ( On the top of the page, click on SAVE CARD. You can either save the YM FAM app as an icon shortcut on your home screen, or save your QR Code to your Apple or Android Wallet Pass.

Earning & Using YM Dollars

How do I earn YM Dollars?
  • Every time you visit our taprooms, simply show your QR code on your YM FAM account.
  • When you are purchasing on the YM Online Store, create or login an account that has the same email as your YM FAM account. The points will be automatically transferred to your YM FAM account.
How do I use YM Dollars?

You’ll earn 1 YM Point for every $40 you spend . YM Points can be redeemed as cash at YM Eats Taprooms* at your next visit. Each YM Point is equivalent to $1. You may only redeem your YM Points in increments of $5 ($5, $10, $15 etc.)..

*Except for Pub 1842

For more details:

Will my YM Dollars expire?

Your YM Dollars does not expire.

How many tiers are there?

There are 4 tiers in total with a different YM Dollar entry requirement for each tier. Members will automatically be upgraded to the next tier once they have earned enough YM Dollar within a 365 day period.

  • YELLOW PANTS - Everyone is a Yellow Pant when they join YM FAM
  • GREEN PANTS - 125 YM Point requirement
  • BLUE PANTS - 250 YM Point requirement
  • RED PANTS - 1000 YM Point requirement
Will I be downgraded from my current tier?

Yes, each tier will have a 365 day period (starting from the day you have reached the respective tier). If you do not earn the YM Dollar requirement for your current tier within the time period, you’ll be downgraded to the tier that corresponds to the amount that you have earned.


What is a reward?

A reward can be a cash coupon or a free discount that you can claim and use. You can claim a reward on the YM FAM webapp and notify our staff members at the corresponding taproom. They’ll scan your account QR code and redeem the reward for you.

For more details:

Will rewards expire?

Each reward has it’s own validity period as well as terms and conditions. Expired Rewards will be removed automatically, you can find them in the History tab.

If you do not see a specific reward, it is likely that it is not available for your tier, or it is no longer available for use.

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